I tend to have dry skin because I like to swim so my favorite thing to use when my skin is dried out from chlorine is homemade body butter. If you buy this stuff at the store it can be really expensive and the sky’s the limit on the price for a good working and great smelling body butter!

For this you will need the following ingredients:

1 measure of Coconut oil (natural) I recommend NUTIVA Brand from Costco; its cold pressed and organic and has a lovely coconut smell.

1 measure of Shea butter (natural) Sometimes it may resemble an ivory shade, however when you purchase this natural and unfiltered that is a characteristic of the butter and there is no need to worry about the color.

Now I like to add one to two capfuls of essential oil depending on how strong you want your scent to be.
The best thing is you can use your favorite scent.


  1. Put the oil and the butter into a medium saucepan (it will be in solid form)
  2. Stir until completely melted together.
  3. Place in a bowl and refrigerate for three hours or until it comes to a soft, solid consistency.
  4. With your mixer, whip in your essential oil until you get a whipped cream consistency.
  5. Place in a cute container or jar.

Now you have the most luxurious body butter that is natural and homemade that your skin will love! Enjoy!!